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Lee A. Murphy, Jr.

Growing up in a low-income, single-parent home gave Lee a front-row seat to the impact of economic disparities and limited financial resources both in the home and in the community. It helped him understand how an individual's environment can impact their quality of life. Despite obstacles, that for many, would derail their higher education aspirations, Lee became a first-generation college student who successfully transitioned into the workforce following graduation. His journey has inspired his drive to create an organization dedicated to helping students of color in similar situations pursue higher education and subsequently excel professionally. 


Lee was born and raised by his mom, Brenda Betts, in South Boston, VA where he attended Halifax County High School.  He arrived early at his decision to attend college thanks to the Technology Student Association, a national student organization he joined while in the 7th grade and with which he still volunteers. Despite an early decision to attend college, Lee lacked the proper financial resources. However, through local scholarship organizations, financial aid, and on-campus work-study, Lee graduated from Virginia Tech in 2010 with a Bachelor of Science in Business Information Technology.  He went on to receive his Master of Business Administration from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2016.    

Today, Lee is an experienced IT professional with a Fortune 200 company and resides in the Richmond, VA area with his wife, son, and two pet Maltese. 

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